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Etty’s Dark Side of the Moon  ‖ ❝City Lights❞


❝Tomorrow the birds will sing!❞

– The Tramp

s e p t e m b e r

Carter Lynon is pathetic.

Can’t anyone see what this guy’s doing? His boys are holding Pierce Sanders back while he beats the crap out of him. And from where I’m standing I see that Pierce’s nose is oozing with blood. It has to be broken if it’s bleeding like that. I can’t watch this, I can’t just let it continue on without doing anything. I observe the people around me; some have their phones out while others are looking on as if this is the best fight they’ve ever witnessed in their entire lives.

Not for me.

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She Flourishes, She Fades (Book Trailer)

She Flourishes, She Fades by DG and Reid

A young woman starts off on an optimistic journey to fulfill her dream, but soon she realizes that everything is not as it seems. and ends up in maddening despair once she starts to question herself and those around her.

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You Saw Me When I Was Invisible 👻



Why Me?

:: :: ::


  “Why am I the only who can see you?” I asked Zanna. The question had been eating at me, ever since we both founded ourselves in this situation together; she didn’t seem to have much of an answer to my question. She remained silent. Surprised by my question, I guess.

Staring at her, I saw that her large brown eyes were filled with such depth, thought, and wonder as she stared back at me.

She then began to shoe-gaze; staring down on the floor at her feet, adverting her gaze away from mine.

From the much time we’d been spending together, I realized that she did that a lot, when she was in reverie.

Therefore, I never thought I’d be alone in a room with a girl like Zanna. A girl who was mysteriously beautiful to the point where she made me question whether or not I was living in reality.

I was on my bed, with my back pressed against the headboard, while Zanna sat at the foot of my bed.

If my mom happened to knock on my bedroom door this moment, and open it, she wouldn’t find a teenage girl sitting at the edge of my bed.

She would only see me.

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