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Etty’s Dark Side of the Moon 🌘 + TRAILER!

credit: me

disclaimer: I don’t any of the clips/song used in this video. But the final product is mine.

Etty’s Dark Side of the Moon


Etty Williams is still recovering from her BDD episode she had in the summer. She doesn’t think she’s beautiful.
But when she sees popular jock Pierce Sanders get his nose broken from Carter Lynon, by getting punched in the face. She sees the effect it has it on him. She notices the many times he goes to the bathroom. She know what he does in there. He stares at his face and manifests about his crooked nose. So, she knows what kind of road he’s going down. And she makes it her mission to help him and to lift him up. And Pierce, though he never noticed Etty. He starts to see the real beauty in things. That a thing like Etty is rare. And to teach her that the right side of her face isn’t the dark side of the moon. Feelings will surface.

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Bade + Solaris


Solaris Monroe loved the moon. Bade Sommers loved to run, track. At school they were people who never seemed to cross paths. She knew who he was, and in some weird way, he knew who she was. But they both didn’t know that. On the last day of school, their town experiences a black out. No lights, no electricity. Trying to stay cool, they both wander around town together. And in the process they get to know each other, and soon, sparks fly. But what happens when the blackout is over, and everything goes back to normal? Will they go their separate ways and never see each other again, or will their paths cross like before?

A/N: should I post the story on here?

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All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2016 by Meia and Yuna Reid

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You Saw Me When I Was Invisible 👻



Why Me?

:: :: ::


  “Why am I the only who can see you?” I asked Zanna. The question had been eating at me, ever since we both founded ourselves in this situation together; she didn’t seem to have much of an answer to my question. She remained silent. Surprised by my question, I guess.

Staring at her, I saw that her large brown eyes were filled with such depth, thought, and wonder as she stared back at me.

She then began to shoe-gaze; staring down on the floor at her feet, adverting her gaze away from mine.

From the much time we’d been spending together, I realized that she did that a lot, when she was in reverie.

Therefore, I never thought I’d be alone in a room with a girl like Zanna. A girl who was mysteriously beautiful to the point where she made me question whether or not I was living in reality.

I was on my bed, with my back pressed against the headboard, while Zanna sat at the foot of my bed.

If my mom happened to knock on my bedroom door this moment, and open it, she wouldn’t find a teenage girl sitting at the edge of my bed.

She would only see me.

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She Sat Beside Me In Class ⏲



:: The Nerd No One Knew ::

Zoey Graves was a lonely girl. She had her mom. But her mom was working all the time, and her dad, well he left a long time ago.

   You know you’ve come to detest school when you have to wait a couple minutes in your car before getting out. That’s what she did. Today she waited until the warning bell rang.

The very thought of walking into that building and facing another day of persecution was her death.

She would ask herself sometimes why no one would want to bend the rules a little and reach out to her as a friend. That’s all she ever wanted.

She wanted someone to befriend her.

She wanted a friend.

She wanted to be in a group where everyone accepted each other for who they are. Sure, she could hang out with the smart people, geeks, or perhaps even the weirdos/stoners, but they never really accepted her. She was too weird for them.

But the thing was Zoey Graves wasn’t insanely random, or far out weird. She was a normal girl who longed for a great boyfriend. Who longed for friendship. And most importantly, for acceptance.

Teachers always told teens like herself that you shouldn’t go to school for friends or boyfriends.

Yeah, she was aware of that. But don’t teachers remember what it was Like in high school for them? In order to get through these years that many say are the best years of your life, you need to have some sort of companionship with someone. You need someone to vent out your frustrations to. Someone who prevents you from being left with no partner when it comes to partner picking time in class.

Zoey didn’t have that.

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She Sat Beside Me In Class (Book Trailer)

She Sat Beside Me In Class | ✔ by DG and Reid

A young high school jock named Isaac Stints finds himself in a time loop when a classmate of his, Zoey Graves takes her own life.

Somewhere along the line he is told by a guy that mirrors father time, that he must save her. Realizing that he has a limit in the one day he keeps repeating, Isaac learns to use his time wisely.

Will he be able to teach Zoey that it’s good to live, even for all the small things?

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