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Two Places At Once


Two Places At Once


I wish I could do that

Be in two places, at the same time

Be in one place, doing my own thing

Be at another place, causing destruction

to the people I loath

And I don’t even know it



Cuz that’s what my enemy is doing,

Causing me to self-destruct

Knowing they’re somewhere else

Yet, they’re able to cause destruction

Without even being here



I wish I could do that

Be in two places at the same time

Leaving a person in misery

Over feelings that haven’t been shed,

caused by me, staying in the person’s memory,

Leaving them embittered and small



While I do nothing but sit inside myself

Living and that is all.



I wish I could do that

I wish I could be in two places

at the same time



Yeah, I wish I could do that.



They would love seeing you this way.

Keep saying that wise one,

You’re right, yes my enemy would.



But like nothing lasts forever,

My enemy’s power won’t either.

And that is all.




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