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Lack of Motivation 

The reason why I haven’t posted anything is lack of motivation.



Me, my mom, and my sister all three find ourselves, not having the motivation to get up from our beds.

To me, doing one thing is becoming almost like a chore. I call it an achievement if I’m able to get up and do the dishes and take out the trash.

For these past couple days, I’ve been finding myself almost to the point of giving up.

However, I know I can’t give up. I’m not a quitter. It’s just hard, you know? It’s just hard waking up and having to get through the day, when nothing seems to be working out. I try to lift myself up, I try to set goals for myself… but I’ve tried. And nothing looks to be working.

I’ve been doing some writing.

Two days ago, I’d attempted to write a song on the piano but that failed me. I have no confidence in my musical abilities when I can barely play the piano.



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17 thoughts on “Lack of Motivation 

  1. What’s wrong? Are you sad about something? I can understand wanting to quit. After all, I quit Wattpad because I couldn’t take it anymore. Give yourself some time to bounce back. Maybe refresh your mind.

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      1. Me? Well, after I left Wattpad, I got my motivation back by joining a new writing website and publishing my work there. I also focus on the people who support me.

        Most of the people who support my writing and success are on WordPress, so that motivates me.

        Do you have a group of writers or artists you talk with? Having a support group for a writer is an important thing. Your support group can help you when you are down.

        If you ever want to talk, just drop my blog. All the writers there are supportive and super nice. Honestly, though, don’t expect much from Wattpad. Those readers there don’t care about the writers, just the free stories they get.

        Getting featured on that site is a joke. They only feature popular writers or people they are good with, like ambassadors.

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      2. No, I don’t have a support group. But I’ll definitely try that out. But you’re right about wattpad, I’m giving it ’till I’m done writing the books I’ve started n there (I’m almost done)… have they contacted you or anything since you’ve left?

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      3. You should definitely get one. It helps so much. As for Wattpad, hah! Nope, I told you, they only care about “popular” writers. All the other users there they could care less about. Some of my readers have contacted me, but I don’t consider most Wattpad readers really loyal readers. They just want free books and nothing else.

        Find readers who truly love your work, and you’ll know them when they interact with you. =)

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      4. Wow… the people on the MDC threads get really mean and bossy. They think they have all the power and control in the world. That’s why I make my own covers/trailer now 🙂


  2. Not something people like to talk about or think about, but depression is usually chemical. Seeking medical help isn’t “giving in” or “giving up”. Medication doesn’t make everything better, but it can help take the edge off things so you can function better. At least something to consider. I delayed a long time before finally talking to my doctor (not to a psychiatrist – they can useful in certain circumstances but I’m not sure you’re in that territory from what you said).

    Also, if you can find someone around you (location wise), maybe start walking, daily if possible. They say exercise releases chemicals in the body that improve mood (among other things), and the exercise alone is usually needed by most of us. I know from experience that trying to get out the door and do it on your own can be a lost cause, but if you have a walking buddy, hopefully you don’t both stall at the same time.

    Good luck.

    – Deandra

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