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The Art of Getting By

When you’ve been let down a lot, the only thing you’re able to develop during those disappointments is an art—a skill. Some people might think you’re crazy for doing such thing, or they might frown upon it just because there’s more conventional things you could be doing to pass your, precious precious time.

Eh, but when life’s been kicking you in the derrière… you can only take it for so long before you give yourself a good look in the mirror and quietly ask yourself, is it you or me? Am I gonna let you, yes YOU takeover my life. Or… is it gonna be ME that stays to fight it knowing I’ll feel a lot better when this all settles into remission. 

When you chose the latter, that’s when the art of getting by comes into fruition. It’s kind of like creating a barrier, but instead of you using it as a barrier… you chose to let things happen as they are. Knowing you, as a human being isn’t the one running things here. So while you wait for this horrible and dreary moment in your life to settle. You just get by, in your own little fathomable way… that’s not hurting you or the people around you. But simply, letting you carry on doing your thing and giving you the courage to hope and that better things will be coming around.



|R e m e m b e r| Don't conform to this world, if you do....sadly, you are of it! |K e y F a c t s| • We are both Aquarius. • We love classic films. • We think that portable CD players are still just as enjoyable as iPods. • We believe in fate!

One thought on “The Art of Getting By

  1. This was a good post. When I’m disappointed, I journal about it, write a poem, or a short story. When I was on Wattpad, I was often disappointed. However, I’m doing a lot better now =)

    Thanks for sharing your encouraging words with us.

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