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Is my island home waiting for me?


Is my island home really waiting for me?

I doubt it. Wait, I don’t—I don’t know. I wish there was just a place where everything settled on okay.

Relationships will be okay not broken.
Fitting in will be okay not hard.

Having complete faith in knowing I’ll be okay, and not be defeated.

But… just when I think everything’s going okay, it’s not. Don’t worry, I don’t try to have high expectations for things when they have the potential of disappointing me. And nothing’s perfect. Nothing’s ever perfect.

But will I ever find that home? My island home where I’ll feel welcomed and complete inside and out. Where things won’t be perfect, but okay… cuz they’ll just have to be. Yet, I’ll be happy and secure.

I… I don’t know.



|R e m e m b e r| Don't conform to this world, if you do....sadly, you are of it! |K e y F a c t s| • We are both Aquarius. • We love classic films. • We think that portable CD players are still just as enjoyable as iPods. • We believe in fate!

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