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❝Yes, I’m Angry At You Dad❞


A/N: I’d written this on an app called poetry club

What do you guys think?

Please comment below.

This is an original poem by DGandReid.

All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2016 by Meia and Yuna Reid




|R e m e m b e r| Don't conform to this world, if you do....sadly, you are of it! |K e y F a c t s| • We are both Aquarius. • We love classic films. • We think that portable CD players are still just as enjoyable as iPods. • We believe in fate!

3 thoughts on “❝Yes, I’m Angry At You Dad❞

  1. Yes, I’m angry too at my dad.
    And have as have as much as ego as he has.
    But apart from that I do love him unconditionally.
    That’s a nice way to show the anger along with love.
    I loved this one:)👍

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    1. Fathers… *sighs* 😒

      You’re right. All you gotta do is love, even when it seems as if the other person isn’t showing the same towards you. Or maybe they don’t know how to show it, and that’s not your fault.

      Thank you!

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