Short Story Monday! ๐Ÿ“–

Hello fellow bloggers (or readers),

Anyway,ย we’re here to announce to all of you that us, DG&Reid, are going to begin sharing short stories, hereย on our blog.

Much of them of them are going to come from our short story analogy called:

The Greatest


Why do people change?
How do people become the way they are?
When is innocence lost?
There were the best of times…
There were the worst of times…
The times we’d like to forget.
And sometimes we all don’t realize out true potential,
‘Cause it’s the stupid show called LIFE; that must go on!
And there is regret,
Our nasty and ugly ways,
And we continue to wonder why we, ourselves, changed.
These kids, these teens,
The ones in between,
Had stupid effing dreams.
Fantasizing, glorifying,
Recognizing things.
Cuz these teens,
These kids,
They all wanted to be the greatest.
Even though they’d never be.

The story was posted on wattpad, but we’ve since then taken it down for reasons involving procrastination, writer’s block, and so on…


But many of the short stories that are included inย this anthology involve characters from some of the stories we have published on wattpad, and that we have shared on here.

For example:

So,ย we hope you guys will read them. If not,ย we won’tย be mad.

Anyway, thanks for reading. And have a nice day!








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