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You Saw Me When I Was Invisible 👻



Why Me?

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  “Why am I the only who can see you?” I asked Zanna. The question had been eating at me, ever since we both founded ourselves in this situation together; she didn’t seem to have much of an answer to my question. She remained silent. Surprised by my question, I guess.

Staring at her, I saw that her large brown eyes were filled with such depth, thought, and wonder as she stared back at me.

She then began to shoe-gaze; staring down on the floor at her feet, adverting her gaze away from mine.

From the much time we’d been spending together, I realized that she did that a lot, when she was in reverie.

Therefore, I never thought I’d be alone in a room with a girl like Zanna. A girl who was mysteriously beautiful to the point where she made me question whether or not I was living in reality.

I was on my bed, with my back pressed against the headboard, while Zanna sat at the foot of my bed.

If my mom happened to knock on my bedroom door this moment, and open it, she wouldn’t find a teenage girl sitting at the edge of my bed.

She would only see me.

“I don’t know,” Zanna finally answered, looking straight at me.

I didn’t say anything right away. It was as if she seemed slightly taken aback by my silence, since I always was the one filling the silences that seemed to capture the two of us at moments like this, which lead to the awkward eye contact and unsaid words.

Even before this, I hadn’t noticed Zanna, much less knew her name. She was a quiet girl that everyone really didn’t know.

But how was it that, I could see Zanna and no one else could? Her mother couldn’t see her, her sister Tish couldn’t see her. What was it? Even when she’d been visible to everyone at school, no one had seen her then.

I could remember that one time; I think it was on the day of her accident, when I’d noticed her for the very first time.

School was about to start; everyone had been waiting in the lobby.

I was hanging out with Mark, Will, and Gunther near the office window. We were talking about the usual stuff; football and girls.

That was when Mark and Will started debating over football strategies, while Gunther on the other hand was texting his girlfriend Jennifer. Then there was me. I was kinda listening to Mark and Will’s debate.

But that was when I had noticed her.

The girl seemed to be observing the room, almost as if she were looking for someone. She was sitting in the far corner of the room. Her hair, this strawberry blond was put into a ponytail. The clothes she had on were modest; a black shirt with a flower scarf, and pair of dark jeans. I didn’t know what had me so transfixed by her. Was it her beauty or likeliness?

She must’ve felt me staring at her, because her eyes, this beautiful brown, met mine.

I didn’t look away.

Why hadn’t I noticed her until now? Was she new here? I never saw her before. Before I could bring up the courage to acknowledge her with a wave of my hand, I saw her advert her attention to Julie Tatherson who, a few feet away from her, was staring at… me.

Julie Tatherson was an annoyance, sure she was interested in me, but I wasn’t interested in dating her. She’d already slept with half of the football team, and I didn’t wanna be another one of her trophies. Besides, she’d been friends with my ex.

Switching my attention back to the girl, I saw that she wasn’t there anymore. Where did she go?

“Man, the bell rang,” Gunther said, trying to get my attention. My eyes tried searching for where the girl could’ve gone, but I couldn’t find her. I then just followed my friends.

Zanna had been the girl that day.

And it was weird how I remembered that somehow. Did it have to do with me seeing her that day, when she was yet, visible to those around her, but invisible to those who chose not to see her? No, that couldn’t be.

Therefore I told Zanna the story, I wasn’t sure if she’d remember it or not. Her being a ghost and everything made her forget some of the memories she had, when she’d been alive.

When I got done telling her the memory, she didn’t say anything for a little bit. Did she remember?

“That’s it Blayze,” she said suddenly, her eyes brightening at the revelation. “You seeing me that day, before the accident… It means something.” She did remember.

I nodded, but I didn’t really know what was she was trying to get at. “What do you mean?”

She sighed, “It means, you saw me when no one else did… You saw me when I was invisible.”

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Copyright © 2016 by Meia and Yuna Reid

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