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Jock Epiphany by Meia and Yuna Reid

Jock Epiphany
What if popular jock Wyatt Jacobs’ world-view  changed, just because of one kiss he’d received blindfolded in a closet by one mysterious stranger?
And it lead to him to doing these 4 impulsive things:
» quitting the football team
» joining art
» standing up to his overbearing father
» and not caring what other people, or his “friends” might think of him

So to sum it up, one day Wyatt Jacobs decided to give up football, to stop hanging out with his usual jock-buddies, and to become an “actual human being”.Because of this, many people start questioning him and his motives. He joins art class and becomes friends with a girl named Gwendolyn Mackey who’s his table partner.Nevertheless, people at Wayward High began to think that Wyatt thinks he’s better than everyone else. So agendas began to be put against him. As well as Gwendolyn, who is now the school’s certified slut because of her association with him and the nasty malicious rumours that are being spread.Will Wyatt along with Gwendolyn survive? And will Wyatt find the person who caused this epiphany (the mysterious stranger who’d kissed him that night)?  Or has that person been standing by his side all this time, and he just never cared to notice, until… Now.
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|R e m e m b e r| Don't conform to this world, if you do....sadly, you are of it! |K e y F a c t s| • We are both Aquarius. • We love classic films. • We think that portable CD players are still just as enjoyable as iPods. • We believe in fate!

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