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Colorism: PART 1

I dedicate this video to the women and men who have dealt with this issue and are dealing with it now. Stay strong and be beautiful. 

Hey there, my name is Mia. I am one half of the duo known as ko at bakit productions also know as Last Life in the Universe Productions. I created this video as an insight on the African American race and how slavery and persecution has shaped and affected our group of people. But this video specifically touches upon colorism. If you do not know what colorism is, here is the definition:

Colorism – prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.

So from previous videos, you guys are aware that I am a light skinned African American woman. Because of that fact you might believe I have no right to create a video on a girl who has an issue with her dark skin tone. However regardless of how colorism might affect people of light or dark skin tones, colorism affects everybody no matter the shade. It can be someone who has witnessed different family members, friends, and acquaintances who dealt with both negative and positive affects of having a darker skin tone than everyone else within their race or peers. After all, colorism is something that has affected different ethnic groups for many centuries to now. 

I have created this video from the kindness of my heart and to show how an issue of colorism is a bitter seed that has been planted in many races. I aim for this video to educate people on how an issue like colorism is something that needs to be talked about and put to an end.

That is all and thank you!

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Youtube Channel!

Hey Everyone! I am aware I have not been on this website in ages. But please do forgive me. If you could please, I would love if you guys could checkout me and my twin sister’s channel and maybe… subscribe.


My sister and I are making sims 4 machinima.




Machinima: early 21st century: blend of machine and cinema, probably influenced by anime.




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Anger.I hate it when people have this knack of disappointing you. It’s unfair. And when you’re loyal and everything, everyone seems to just want that person that is disloyal to them. I mean you have no control over that person wanting to be done wrong again and again. And I get looked at as wrong for being angry about it. Being called hateful…. but I’m not being hateful. I’m just angry. And angry?Well, I am!I just want to move far far away. I want to move so badly that I could cry. It’s so frustrating. It’s so frustrating that I can’t control someone from making a bad decision, knowing full well that person’s toxic and is just going cause them to drink and drink more. It’s unfair!I can’t control the fact that I’m not worth maintaining a relationship with. It’s so frustrating. I don’t know what to do anymore… I just want to blow away and never come back.I’ve cried about it.I’ve gone into a room and cried in a corner.I’ve listened to music.Nothing is helping anymore!

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Where Do I Sit?

I’ve been getting sad lately. I don’t know where I sit, in a house all by myself, and I wish I did.While in school, there were people who at least had a crowd and a group of people to roll with.My sister and I never had that.At this point I don’t think I’ll ever know where I sit. And it just makes me sad.Why can’t I just be accepted? When will I ever get to hangout with anyone I don’t feel awkward with? It’s so frustrating.I get angry but then I just get sad about it, and I don’t think it’ll ever change. Even if it’s this small part of me that has hope, I just find myself always feeling this way. And at this point, I either need to get really used to it or stay home.Where do I sit, in a house, all by myself?I don’t know. And I still don’t think I ever will.